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Waking—naked and confused—in an antique tub not her own, Kat discovers she has been drawn back in time by her ancestor Helene, a witch of vast and arcane power. Welcomed into Helene’s Victorian England home, Kat is offered the chance to learn the magic of elder days and explore talents she never dreamed she had.

But the thrill of magic soon wears thin, and Kat finds herself trapped in the past, fighting to get back to the life she left behind—her friends, her grandmother Edy, and the cozy antique shop she calls home. Flung back and forth through time, Kat must find the secrets hidden in a mist-shrouded forest, on a mysterious stone lost in time, and within Edy’s dementia-weakened mind. For Kat wasn’t called back for her benefit, but because of Helene’s need. Waging a war with Fate, Helene knows her destiny is best thwarted by family.

Because no bond is stronger than blood.



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 Dolmen Echo --

            (currently seeking representation)

Mallory observes life rather than lives it.  An medieval art restorer, Mallory prefers to immerse herself in the images of the past rather than acknowledge that she's hiding from connecting with anyone in the present. That is until Rhys, an 800 year old displaced spirit, entreats her to help him find death, his death. Rhys reflects on his life and failings, his pain mirroring her own emptiness. Together they plot to free Rhys of his hold on this world in favor of the next. And in the process Mallory opens her heart to friendship and the risk sharing truths entails. 

Life itself is magic, isn't it?


Some magic comes from within you and other forms must be learned.


But all magic is not selfless.

These are

lessons Kat must learn in 

Amber Witch.

Work in progress:


The newest work in progress, a novel, is a reincarnation urban fantasy with a female protagonist, fated to die by her thirteen birthday -- repeatedly. Can she break the curse? Or is it a blessing? 

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